The Major Benefits of Solar Energy and How to Make Maximum Use Of It

The world under the grip of advanced technology is always in relentless quest for sources of energy for the functioning of the machineries and for the implementations of the inventions. The general energy sources like oils, gas or coal all can extinguish on any day, and then where will we go for energy? “One Sun, One world, one dream” the motto of UNIDO International Solar Energy Centre is the only solution for the imminent energy scarcity.

Sun as the source of endless and renewable energy is not a new idea; solar energy was in use from time immemorial. Sun’s heat and light were used in olden days to make fires, to heat up rooms, and light lamps. With the present day facilities the extraction and transformation of sun’s heat and light to solar energy is not a hazardous task. Already it is being done in many developed and developing countries in a very useful way.

Solar energy is economical and environment friendly. Sun is an ever renewable free source of energy unlike fuels and gases. The cost of fuels is mounting up to sky high and at any time may get drained due to excess of use. Once the equipments for generating solar energy is fixed and is in operation, it goes on functioning smoothly. The energy we get from sun is of no cost and so practically speaking the electricity produced from solar energy is also completely free. With the exceeding expenses always troubling us, this cheap and best source of energy will give us relief. Who won’t like to have their house lighted and heated but with a very light electricity bill at the month end.

Solar energy is sustainable, natural and it is environment friendly. Global warming still remains a mirage for us. Solar energy is devoid of pollution; it reduces the amount of toxic waste and eliminates contamination to a great extent. Solar energy is with zero emissions and that helps to keep our surroundings smoke and chemicals free.

As long as the universe is there sun also will be there, and as long as sun is there the solar energy also can be produced. There is no tension regarding energy exhaustion, as sun is eternal. Solar energy can pave way to the making and using of solar household applicants more extensively and economically.

A question may rise how to use solar energy at night and while it is cloudy. Solar energy can be stored without any hassle by using the latest effective technologies. At present the solar energy is extracted by solar panels and is stored in solar batteries. But there is a general belief that these methods are very costly and not always beneficial.  Scientists are always in search of more advanced methods to squeeze the maximum benefits.  They are of the opinion that there are many good conductors of heat like molten salt which can save the heat from sun during day time and later can be used as electricity at night. In solar Thermal power plants parabolic reflectors are also being used for saving sun’s heat.

Technology is always fast moving but for its experiments and execution a permanent source of energy is indispensable. Undoubtedly solar energy is the best choice and the only solution.

Bella is a teacher and also blogger, she writes on various topic, she loves to relax in spa bath after a long day working and with the Waterproof Bathroom TV which makes her feel fresh by entertainment.

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